We believe happy customers are our best ambassadors. Rather than us telling you how good we are, here’s what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Pioneer.

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"You were a pleasure to deal with, and you should be proud of the great customer service you offer."

Thank you for the brilliant service and professional way you dealt with me. If it wasn't for you I'd have never been able to pay back the debt.

Daniel, 32

I was nervous at first but you and your excellent staff made me feel a lot more comfortable and were able to resolve the matter without any stress.

Margaret, 44

Thank you!  I appreciate the thoughtful and understanding way in which you worked with me to resolve my debt problem.

Jodi, 29

"You are extremely understanding."

It has been a very difficult time and while I still have some debts to pay, I am relieved to say "I did it!''

Arvind, 37

I am very grateful to you and the Pioneer Team for making it possible for us.  It seemed impossible when we first started.  I have found my experience with you to be very positive and supportive.  The communication has been very prompt.  Most importantly you have always made me feel I can trust you.

Dean, 49

Thanks for been so understanding in this difficult time. You were a pleasure to deal with, and you should be proud of the great customer service you offer.

Jo, 25

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for being a pleasure to deal with – from the moment you first called me to the time of settlement. You were thoughtful, patient, understanding and helpful throughout.  I wish dealing with people across the board was as easy as dealing with you!

Lauren, 31

Thank you! I have noticed an exceptional degree of kindness and consideration in all my dealings with Pioneer Credit. It really does stand out, more than any other professional entity I've ever been involved with. I really appreciated it.

Will, 41

I would just like to say thank you. I appreciate the way you handled my account as I am the first to know how difficult I can be at times! With the approach that you took and the patience you displayed, finally this issue has been resolved.  I’ve certainly learned a life lesson when it comes to credit cards!  Pioneer Credit turned what was a daunting and stressful experience into a manageable arrangement.

Hana, 28

"Pioneer Credit could teach other companies a thing or two about empathy and customer service."

Pioneer Credit could teach other companies a thing or two about empathy and customer service. Our Solutions Specialist always kept in touch and never stopped trying to help and resolve the debt. A truly incredible person and I wish her nothing but great things for the future.

Brad, 52

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for helping me pay off my account and finalise this matter. You are extremely understanding, you worked with me to find a reasonable compromise and are very compassionate towards people's financial limitations. You have great listening skills, and are a pleasure to talk to. Thanks to you I now have hope that in the future, I will have a good enough credit rating to put a deposit on a house. Your hard work and commitment is much appreciated.

Stephan, 27

Thanks for all your assistance. Hopefully I’m never in this position again but if I ever am, I hope it’s you handling the account again.

Chloe, 30