Technical Competence would be one of my top principles. Being knowledgeable and really understanding the needs of our customers is essential to the customer experience. We are always looking outside of the box for new and meaningful ways to better support our customers and our team.

Samantha Boxall, Senior Manager Operations

Pioneer is an exciting and proactive growing company with an exceptional customer centric culture instilled throughout the business. Pioneer’s forward thinking people have a passion for success and are at the core of every team.

Barry Hartnett, General Manager Strategy & Development

The most important Leadership Principle to me is Selfless Loyalty. Pioneer’s success is dependent on selfless individuals who know that the team’s success is more important than their own personal success and the Company’s success is more important than any one team’s success. It’s all about putting your team and Pioneer first without question.

Jonty Gibbs, General Manager Finance

Pioneer Credit has so much to offer. Our absolute focus on customer service as well as total commitment to our leadership principles are what attracted me to Pioneer Credit. My favourite leadership principle is Fearless Vision. I love the permission it gives all of our people to think outside the square, develop different ideas and implement change quickly.

Penny Thomas, General Manager People

Our Fearless Vision principle is such an important part of our culture. Every day I see colleagues empowered to back themselves to provide an excellent service, and that drives me to do the same. We have no fear to step outside our comfort zones when it results in great outcomes for our customers and the continued success of the Company.

Gerard McCarthy, Senior Manager Analytics, People & Culture

The world of Projects allows the team to be a big part of how the business strategy is realised. We touch every aspect of Pioneer and therefore the standout principle for me is Technical Competence: I need to know people are capable of doing their job well before trying to affect change throughout the business to ultimately improve customers’ experience with Pioneer.

Andrew Cloud, Senior Manager Projects

Our ability to effectively implement our Clear Communication principle is critical to the sustainable success of Pioneer. Our focus on providing great outcomes for our customers is achieved by listening to what they need and cogently explaining how we can help them. This clarity allows us to successfully evolve to provide an excellent customer experience, meet our obligations and deliver on our business strategy.

Kevin Tyndall, Senior Manager Compliance