Joining the Fight to Cure Cancer!

Each and every one of us will be affected by cancer at some stage in our life; whether through a friend or family member, or yourself. In 2007, it was a diagnosis that had limited options outside of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Today, Pioneer joins the ranks of organisations that have helped support 266 world-class cancer research projects, 21 scientific break-throughs, and educated our communities across the world.

Our parents, work-mates, and others in the community deal with cancer everyday and given this, Pioneer seeks to commit to any opportunity that supports the fight against cancer.

This year our Group Financial Controller, Jonty Gibbs, stepped up to tackle a 400km+ ride over three days in early November, taking part in CAN4CANCER’s Tour de Cure. Jonty was joined by his helpful sidekicks in the support team, Trudi and Rochelle, and without them, this event wouldn’t have been possible.

With early starts (4am alarms!), beautiful country-side and tough cycling, the support from the Tour de Cure Team and the opportunity to hear the stories of people affected by cancer showed everyone that their cycling challenge was nothing compared to that of fighting cancer itself.

“It was a life changing experience hearing the tragic stories of cancer and why everyone is volunteering on the ride.” – Rochelle

“It was a tough ride, but such an incredible experience to support cancer research.” – Jonty

We can safely say that being involved in Tour de Cure has allowed us to reflect and see that we take many of the opportunities in our lives for granted. The satisfaction and inspiration we all get from seeing how our donations are helping to fight for a cancer cure and support those affected by this disease just re-affirms our commitment being part of CAN4CANCER and the Tour De Cure family.