Bringing the Gift of Mobility with ToyBox International

Pioneer Credit has covered itself in tinsel and Santa hats, but this December, what we are most excited about is our partnership with ToyBox International: a charity dedicated to raising funds to assist and benefit sick and disadvantaged children.

This Christmas, our teams have jumped at the opportunity to give back through this wonderful organization. With many of us having young children in our lives, we see the joy and excitement our young ones have in zooming around the backyard or local park on their bikes and trikes.

All children deserve to laugh, play and be independent, and together with ToyBox International, we set a target this Christmas to raise enough money for two children to receive customised trikes to bring the gift of mobility, independence and play.

Toybox International’s General Manager, Sophia Barbagallo spoke with our team about the important work ToyBox International do and their passion for supporting children to conquer the challenges life has brought them. Pioneer Credit is a strong supporter of ToyBox through a range of programs including fundraising and the provision of Direct Debit Services and management of contributors on regular monthly payments. Helping keep the ToyBox full goes a long way to help Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.

“It was amazing to have Sophia from ToyBox International present to our teams about how these donations will make a difference. Hearing her passion for her work, and really understanding that we can help these kids play outside in the sunshine with their siblings was so inspiring. Something we can all take for granted.” – Georgia Griffiths, Solutions Specialist

Sophia’s presentation was inspiring and really brought out the spirit of giving in us all. Our Christmas trees overflowed with reminders of our team’s donations, helping us smash our fundraising goal of 2 brand new trikes and instead funding 4.

“My decision to donate to towards the ToyBox initiative was extremely driven by memories of being a little kid and running around the playground with my friends. These are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime; and I hope that through my donation to ToyBox International, I will be supporting other children who haven’t yet had these opportunities. Helping them to be able to create fun memories with their friends that they too will cherish for a very long time.” – Chantelle Peters

ToyBox International is a children’s charity dedicated to helping Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children. ToyBox meets the cost of vital equipment and therapy for needy children to help them conquer the challenges life has brought them.

“Pioneer’s partnership with ToyBox International has been a great opportunity for our team to make a difference in the broader community in which we operate. As always, we have come together to show our loyalty to each other and exceed our goals in raising over $8,000 for this fantastic cause” – Lisa Stedman, COO

To learn more about the worthy work of this organisation and how you can help, please visit