Debt isn’t itself a bad thing. Most of us borrow money at various points in our lives: to buy a car or a house, to pay for a holiday or – through the use of a credit card – to simply buy the things we need and want.

However, debt can become a problem when we over-commit ourselves, or we experience a major change such as losing our job, the breakdown of a marriage or significant health issues.

At Pioneer Credit, we understand this. We know how life can throw a few surprises our way, not all of them welcome. Our commitment is to work with you – to listen and help develop a solution that’s right for you.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people who have been exactly where you are now. Talk to us, and find out for yourself what we refer to as the “Pioneer difference”.

Advice on managing your debt

If you’re having trouble managing your debts, there is help at hand. The Australian Government provides a wide range of information on advice on the Moneysmart website – see Money Smart – Managing Debts.